Sara Fashion: With Nebim V3 ERP, We Manage All Our Business Processes Efficiently And Quickly

Sara Fashion Procurement Manager Boban Kazarov, shared his perspectives on Nebim V3.

Would you please tell us briefly about of your company?

“Our company is medium size company. We have 250 employees. We are franchiser also we are giving franchises for other companies. We have 40 own stores and 25 more franchise stores in Macedonia, Serbia, and Kosovo. Our plan is to expand our franchise business to other countries and later we plan to go Europe. Our company is dealing with retail and wholesale business. We supply most of the supermarkets, chains. We have well organized structure.”

How long have you been using Nebim V3 and what are your reasons for choosing Nebim V3?

“We are using Nebim V3 for 1 year and 2 months. After Nebim V3 presentation you gave us. We decided to change old software to Nebim V3. With Nebim V3 we can easily make management decisions that are based on facts and live data. We are hoping to increase our efficiency in warehouse, stores, and all business processes. We are planning to use one software for all branches like Distributors, Franchises, etc. Nebim is giving us that option, possibilities that we need for the business.”

Which business processes did you provide a more efficient operation with Nebim V3?

“Some of the processes are shorter now. We do not have to use other programs to have the information and reports that we need. Mostly we have all the data in one structure in compact view and that is why we can easily reach and get the latest information. The meetings are shorter now because we all see the data. Many things are useful.” 

What kind of services do you take from Nebim Solution Partner Duna in Macedonia?

“Duna is the coordinator of the NebimExtra cases also we are using Duna Ultima Accounting Software for generating reports in predefined way. We put all the data to Nebim V3 and Duna export the data from Nebim V3 and İmport to Ultima Accounting so we can easily generate the necessary legal reports and documents that we need for the government.”

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